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  • Where are your cheeses sourced from?
    Our cheeses are sourced from both local farms and international artisan producers, ensuring a wide variety of high-quality options for every palate.
  • Can I order cheese online?
    Yes, we have an online shop where you can browse our selection and submit an order for delivery or in-store pickup from our form.
  • Do you offer cheese tasting events?
    Yes, we host cheese tasting events monthly. Check our website or sign up for our newsletter for dates and details.
  • Are there any dairy-free or vegan cheese options available?
    While we aim to carry a full variety of cheeses in our store if you are looking specifically for any dairy-free or vegan options please give us a call so we can check if we have this in our current offerings.
  • How should I store my cheese?
    Most cheeses are best kept in the lower part of your refrigerator, wrapped in parchment paper, and then loosely in plastic wrap for proper airflow and moisture retention. When any cheese is purchased from us we wrap it in the proper parchment for you.
  • Do you provide cheese pairing recommendations?
    Yes, we love helping customers find the perfect pairings! Our staff can suggest combinations with wine, beer, and accompaniments.
  • Can I create a custom cheese board for an event?
    Definitely. We offer custom cheese board services. Just let us know the size of your event, your preferences, and any dietary restrictions. We also offer grazing tables for up to 25 people.
  • What is the shelf life of your cheeses?
    The shelf life varies depending on the type of cheese. Soft cheeses typically have a shorter shelf life than hard cheeses. Upon purchase, we'll provide you with specific storage advice and expiration dates.
  • Are your cheeses organic?
    We offer a range of cheeses, including many organic options. Please ask for our organic selection or look for the label on our website.
  • How can I learn more about the different types of cheese?
    We hold educational workshops sign up to our news letter to find out more. Feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff for more information or book a workshop.
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